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Muffin Princess

*sparkle sparkle*

1/20/06 11:00 am

Well, today is a better day. I'm not mad anymore. ^_^ I just want a hug..... O__O HUG ME!!!

1/18/06 09:51 pm

Hmph... I'm not too happy right now. I don't know where all this unhappiness suddenly came from... But i really fucking hate it

1/17/06 08:07 pm

Well, recently I found out that there are only 13 episodes of Elfen Lied. Most people would think that I knew that sooner, but I didn't. Now, back to my point. That means there are only 2 DVDs left to buy. I spend $21 on one, so now I need $42. .... I'm fucking dirt poor!!! I can't afford anything for a while v_v

1/14/06 08:19 pm

I saw Memoirs of a Geisha. Very good movie *hiccup*

1/3/06 08:52 pm

Nyuu!! ^.^ I'm gonna go draw some stuff. That always makes my adorable insides show. =3 Heehee. School was canceled today!! Yay! That's such a good thing. I got to sleep in. I got alot of happy stuff for Christmas. And then I got sick for most of vacation. ;__; It's all good though.... hmm.... what else?? Oh!! Also, I really wanna go to an anime convetion during Febuary vacation. And cosplay as Lucy from Elfen Lied!!! Hooray!! ^.^ Well, I loveses you guys!! Yayyy!!!!!


11/28/05 08:21 pm

O_O My life tis very boring you know........... I have nothing to do with myself....... *dies*

11/21/05 08:01 pm

Pretty bored today. Eh. I gotta figure out something to do with myself... >.>

11/14/05 07:38 pm - Chi wa akai desu... O.o;;

(heres a link to the song I'm listening to http://www.amf4u-online.com/Gravitation/Gravitation_-_OP_-_SUPER_DRIVE.mp3)

Nyaaaa... I want it to be next week. 3 school days off!!!! NYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X#
*bounces around* This week is starting off really slow too..... today seemed to go by slower than usual.... The days are doing this to me on purpose. I HATE YOU DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *has a fit* *kicks computer* *falls over* *dies*


11/13/05 05:34 pm

Ugh. I'm oddly depressed today for some reason. I feel like I'm falling apart. It sucks. Dammit...

11/11/05 10:21 pm - bwah...

Arg. Cassie is soooo tired. That's what I get isn't it? For everything I did today... blah. -_-;;
I'm gonna go eat some thing and go to bed in a little while.....

P.S. I swear to god that the reason I was online so late last night, wasn't because I was looking up hentai and dirty fan fictions..... O__O;;;; *runs away*

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